Rhubarb and apple sparkling juice in a can. Apple is the predominant flavour with a subtle hint of rhubarb.

This an alcohol free sour. Predominantly tastes of raspberries with a hint of lemon and oats.
Available from Brewdog and Dry Drinker

These Signature mixers are brilliant. You can drink them on their own poured over ice for an intense flavour or use them as you would with other non alcoholic spirits. Especially good with rum and whisky alternatives.
Available at most supermarkets.

Brewed from First Flush Darjeeling tea. The tea is richly fragrant and creates a brew that is fresh and floral. We add nothing, but the tea alone develops notes of rhubarb, white peach and a touch of blackcurrant. The fruit and spice flavours round out the acids to make it soft and delicate.
Available from Real Kombucha

The fever Tree tonics are a staple at Mindful Sips. This is a particular favourite to drink as it is...just add ice!
Available from most supermarkets.

Fentimans Ginger Ale is the delicate little sister to Fentimans Ginger beer, the ginger taste is subtle with flavours of orange, galangal and cinnamon coming through. Ideal for mixing with your favourite spirits or cocktails.
Available from most supermarkets.

Gingerella is made from mother nature's - ginger - grown organically by fairtrade farmers in sri lanka. Its clean, crisp and fiery kick comes from a unique blend of; organic lemons, Fairtrade organic ginger, vanilla, sugar, and a fair deal for the people who grow them making it good all round.

Award-winning ginger ale using sparkling Staffordshire spring water, steeped ginger and natural British sugar. It's also gluten free. Fab with a sprig of rosemary and some lime.

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