Garden 108 is a floral blend of Peas & Hay with traditional garden herb distillates in celebration of the English countryside. Simply serve with tonic & a sugar snap Pea to garnish.


Caleno Light is one of our favourite spirit alternatives! This Zesty non alcoholic spirit is a distilled, light and zesty blend of tropical, citrus and spiced botanicals. A lively blend of Inca berry, pineapple, papaya, coriander, juniper berry, green cardamom & lemon peel.

Caleno drinks

RumISH is the perfect alternative for the times when you’d like a drink, but would rather skip the alcohol. With help from Mother Earth – ISH Spirits created the familiar flavor of a spiced rum, without the alcohol. Intended to be mixed with your favorite mixer for a classic no- or low-alc cocktail.
You can get this from Holland and Barrett in the UK

Caleno Dark and Spicy is one of our favourite spirit alternatives!

A distilled golden and spicy blend, packed with dark pineapple tropical notes.

A rich blend of pineapple, coconut, ginger, black cardamom, vanilla, kola nut & lime.

Caleno drinks

Our zesty, citrus blend is made using three types of Mediterranean Orange, Ginger, Lemongrass & Lemon peel. A cool prickle of Japanese Sancho Peppercorn gives this non-alcoholic spirit a bright, dry finish. Simply serve 50ml over ice, top w/ a premium tonic & garnish w/ a twist of Orange peel.


Firm flavours with juniper and citrus. Earthy notes fill the mid-palate which has lovely vinous qualities. The pepperberry adds warmth and delivers a generous, dry finish. 


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