The story about my journey and relationship with alcohol isn't particularly dramatic. It’s pretty much the same as so many others. When you've been drinking for around 25 years your drinking history naturally includes some wild parties, some hangovers from hell, the drowning of sorrows, supporting friends through difficult times, some celebrations and commiserations and many many years of just drinking.  It all felt very normal.

There is no rock bottom that caused me to want to become a more mindful drinker, no massive hangover that I woke up with and said “I'm never drinking again!”, but alcohol was becoming too much a part of who I was; in reality it was a habit!


I had put on nearly 3 stone in weight, I was noticing more aches and pains, more doctors visits, more symptoms that didn't seem to have any real cause. I'd dipped into another bout of depression and was suffering with anxiety so I started to analyse other aspects of my health, both mental and physical.  How did I really feel about alcohol and did others feel this way too? 

As I researched, I found lots of information and facts about alcohol, but I wanted something more holistic that centred around wellbeing as a whole not just the facts. 

I canvassed women in all roles of life, asking them what they drank, how much, where, who with?  I wanted to really understand the thoughts and feelings around a woman's relationship with alcohol, the stresses, strains and habits that caused us to use alcohol as a coping mechanism (hello wine o’clock!) and how we can change our perspective and the language we use, to better manage mental, as well as physical health challenges. 


I found stress, anxiety and depression were high on the list.  Pressure to be everything to everyone and fear were also up there as massive contributing factors to habitual drinking.

Women wanted to know how they could help themselves, but like me, they didn’t want traditional ‘therapy’.  They would happily admit they drank more units than recommended but then didn’t know where to turn for help after that. Many were open about the knock on effect it had on those closest to them and the influence their friends had over them. They wanted answers and they wanted alternatives.

I committed myself to empowering women with the tools they need to work towards succeeding as a Mindful Drinker. To explore their drinking habits and inspire small changes that would reshape their relationship with alcohol. 


I love this picture of me and my beautiful daughter. It was 4 months after I started my experiment with mindful drinking.

I would usually have ordered a glass of wine if we were eating lunch out. Because alcohol was off the menu we were able to order the same drink, talk about the flavours, admire the beautiful glass it came in and have a special 'grown up' moment together whilst laughing, eating and planning things to do on holiday. Plus I could drink three of these beauties and still drive home! 

The FEELINGS behind this photo is why I'm now a Mindful Drinker. This is the foundations Mindful Sips is built on. Finding balance and getting excited about our drinking experiences, making it socially acceptable to drink less and finding the happiness in life's moments.


And here we are in 2021 and recently diagnosed as perimenopausal. Researching the topic for myself has made me realise how lucky I am to be a mindful drinker! The symptoms can be brutal and drinking alcohol can exacerbate them. 

It's become even more important to me to help ladies my age that may be going through the same thing, become mindful drinkers and take back control of their relationship with alcohol. It’s a voyage of curiosity and discovery taking us to a better more compassionate place within ourselves.

I'm happier and healthier than I've been for over a decade, and with the Mindful Drinking Movement gaining momentum, I'm on a mission to help women change their lives by reshaping their relationship with alcohol. From absently drinking to mindfully sipping, be part of the Mindful Sips story!
Much Love XO

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