All  you need to successfully navigate drinking during the Festive Season!


The self Care Guide to a Balanced Relationship with Alcohol this Christmas!

Whether you're the chief designated driver or just being more careful about how much alcohol you drink, we have the best Top Tips for making smart switches as well as some classic 'low and no' delicious Christmas drinks recipes to make and enjoy through the festive season!



Top tips for Stealth Drinking and What you should Know Before You Go Out!

These two booklets are here to help you successfully stay mindful during a night out! Whether you're being a stealth drinker to avoid awkward questions or openly discussing mindful drinking with your friends, you'll have the tools so you know what to do before you leave the house, as well as succeed as a mindful drinker for the evening.


The Drinking Experience and Drinks Alternatives Bundle

At Mindful Sips we feel drinking should be an experience where we can appreciate the flavours and slow down to appreciate the moment too.
These booklets look at how we can do those things. The drinks alternatives booklet has some fantastic ideas for what you can choose instead of your usual tipple but still enjoy it as much....just without the hangover!


The Planner and your Rewards

We all want to know the secret to being a more mindful drinker!
This planner helps you decide when and where you are going to drink and to think about how much in advance.

The rewards info helps you log the savings your making so you know how much money you have to treat yourself with money you would have spent on booze!  No hangover and a pair of new shows...BONUS!!!


Kickstart Your Sober Curiosity

Our signature 30 day Kick Start your Curiosity course with a 30 minute coaching session with Claire, the founder of Mindful Sips, 30 days of email support, hints and tips, prompts and workbooks.

This 30 day journaling experience encourages you to explore an honest reflection of your drinking habits.

With useful gems of information to inspire you, journaling questions to prompt you to explore and uncover limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back we'll help you become a more mindful drinker.

The journey into curiosity and discovery will inspire small changes encouraging a happier, healthier life. From absently drinking to Mindfully Sipping.

BUY NOW £27.00

60 Minute 1:1 Mentoring 

Spend an hour Working with Claire 1:1 exploring your drinking habits, discover what you would like to change so you can start getting instant results!

For just £47, together we will identify a key area where you would like to change your drinking and give you the tools and workbooks you need to take back control, put alcohol in it's place and drink more mindfully.

BUY NOW £47.00

Alcohol, the Perimenopause and beyond.

There are over 30 perimenopausal symptoms. We’re not all going to suffer with them all but more than two thirds of symptoms have been shown to be adversely affected when we consume alcohol.

In this booklet we're taking a deep dive into the relationship between alcohol and the 3 most common symptoms women complain about during perimenopause and beyond. Anxiety, Sleep and Weight gain


What's your drinking personality?

Are you an At Home Henrietta, a Weekend Wendy or a Party Patty?

Take our quiz to see which of our 5 drinking persona's you are most like and get some top tips for re-balancing your relationship with alcohol!