This tasty tipple is made with crisp apples and a handful of ripe berries and cherries. It smells of a summery burst of fruits of the forest. I drink this all the time served in my favorite shape glass with lots of ice and fresh berries to decorate.
Available from lots of supermarkets and Dry Drinker

A lovely dry cider with a rich apple taste, combined with some hops and an oak wood finish, this offers a rich and complex profile. Available from Dry Drinker

Medium crisp cider. Holly GoLightly is Herefordshire cider made with Herefordshire cider apples, grown on 200 acre orchards on a family farm in Bishops Frome. Holly is suitable for vegans and gluten free.
Available from Dry Drinker

This is a Mindful Sips Star Buy!  Introduced onto the market this Summer and it is (in our opinion) perfect! Thatchers Zero is full of appley aromas and crisp refreshment. A beautifully bright, golden appearance Crisp, medium dry taste, and fruity aroma. Crafted using a selection of Thatchers favourite bittersweet apple varieties, the blend of traditional and modern apples creates an alcohol-free cider with body, smoothness and character.
Available from Dry Drinker

Craftily brewed, then all the alcohol is swept away to leave only pure satisfaction – Our unique, crisp and lightly carbonated cider, is pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and bite. A golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with a fresh inviting aroma of English apples.
Available from Drynks Unlimited

Bursting with blackcurrants and raspberries, rich and indulgent with an effervescent energy. It's best served cold over mountains of ice.
Available from most supermarkets and Wise Bartender

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