5 Ways to Pimp up your Prosecco!

raspberry prosecco

I love prosecco but I love making it look pretty too; there are so many ways to do it that are quick and easy! Here's 4 of our favourites!

Our favourite way to use prosecco is to make alcohol free cocktails with it for that indulgent feeling of being able to create a mindful moment to enjoy the mix of flavours and smells!

Give this amazing Bellini twist a try from our friends at La Maison Wellness!
Peach me I'm Dreaming!

This one from Wildlife Botanicals is also amazing! 
Purple Queen

We like to make things easy too! Adding drims to the edge of your glass not only makes it look fab but you get a lovely sugary taste when you sip, we love Popaball from drims and shimmers!

The other easy option is to simply pop a raspberry or strawberry into your glass. The bubbles get caught on the fruit as they rise and look beautiful in the light. Each time you take a sip you get the gentle aroma of the fruit to enhance the flavour of the prosecco! 

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