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An introduction to rebalancing your relationship with alcohol

This 30 day journalling experience encourages you to explore an honest reflection of your drinking habits.

This isn't about giving up the booze but instead discovering what we can truly achieve if we step outside our comfort zone......just a little, while you're learning and exploring how you feel about alcohol and how it affects your body and mind!

Your journey into curiosity and discovery will inspire you to make small changes that encourage a happier and healthier life.

In just 10 minutes a day you can transform your relationship with alcohol and live more freely experiencing life with a fresh and clear mind.

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Exploring topics to help you uncover how your relationship with booze affects different aspects of your life and what rebalancing that might look like for you.

We start with exploring why, when and where you drink alcohol and encourage you to think about what you would like to discover over 30 days; what's your goal for this experience?

Each day we send you an email with topics that will challenge 

  • Social norms - why does society think it's weird when we're not drinking? What are your preconceived social norms?
  • The bigger picture - connecting the dots between alcohol and our long term mental and physical health
  • Myths around alcohol: what we believe to be true VS what is actually true
  • Sleep
  • A bit about anxiety and mental health
  • Our internal saboteur - overcoming the fear of missing out #FOMO
  • How to tackle tricky situations and deal with difficult people - you know, the ones that say 'just one more' or 'you're so boring'
  • What to drink instead - we have a whole host of alternatives and help you discover where to find you're new favourite alcohol free drink as well as what to ask for at the bar when you're out out!
  • Stealth alcohol free drinking- for when you don't want to tell friends your not drinking alcohol.
  • Gratitude and savouring - The Drinking Experience: How can we make drinking an experience using all our senses so we still get the feeling we want, whether that's stress relief, relaxing or celebrating!
  • The power behind the language we use- rethinking how we speak to ourselves and the excuses we reach for.
  • and planning ahead.

We finish the 30 days with a plan for moving forward so you can maintain the balance, stay excited about mindfully drinking alcohol, ditching the impulse habit drinking and find happiness, clarity and calm in your drinking experiences.

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What you will need:

  • A gorgeous new notebook for your conscious flow writing....who doesn't love an excuse for notebook shopping?!
  • 10 Minutes a day to read our prompt, and a moment to think and write down your thoughts and feelings.
  • An open mind to allow your honesty to shine through
  • A quiet space for just you and your thoughts.....just for 10 minutes.
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30 days of thoughts for journaling

  • With useful gems of information to inspire you
  • journaling questions to prompt you to explore limiting beliefs
  • uncover stories that are holding you back

We will guide you through rebalancing your relationship with alcohol with helpful suggestions and sentence starters to inspire your thinking.

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A  success coaching call with Claire

At the end of the course you have the opportunity to book a 30 minute coaching call with Claire.

We can use this fr anythig you want; planning, asking questions and getting answers about your specific circumstances, clarity around the course, or just help moving forward with fitting what you've learnt into your everyday life. 

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A 30 day planner to record social events

From wild parties to coffee mornings with your friends, use the planner to include everything so you have an overview of when you drink, when you don't and when might be a good time to implement some of what your learning and make more mindful choices.

A helpful reminder to be more conscious about your decisions and help you stay on track.

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2 downloadable booklets

packed with helpful information to supplement the course.

  • How will Mindful Drinking help me?
  • Six Lessons from an Adventure into Sober Curiosity, an account from Claire, the Founder of Mindful Sips.
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  • Really understand your relationship with alcohol and how it affects you and your self care.
  • Realise your dream of being back in control and the power you have in your decisions
  • Know the health benefits of moderation and how it can help your mental and physical health
  • Have confidence in choosing what to enjoy instead of alcohol both at home and whilst socialising
  • Feel the power in your plan for a future as a more mindful drinker.

What's your drinking persona?

Are you an At Home Henrietta, a Weekend Wendy or a Party Patty?

Take our quiz to see which of our 5 drinking persona's you are most like and get some top tips for re-balancing your relationship with alcohol!

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